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What is corporate daycare?

Corporate daycare, also known as workplace creche, is an onsite childcare center that is typically sponsored by an employer. These centers are established at the workplace itself, providing a convenient solution for working parents. One of the main challenges faced by working parents is finding reliable corporate daycare centers for their children, which can cause stress and hinder their productivity. However, employers recognize this issue and aim to support their employees by offering onsite corporate daycare service. This helps new parents in particular, as they can have peace of mind knowing that their child's care is taken care of while they are at work. By providing corporate daycare, employers enable parents to return to work after having a baby, as they have a reliable and convenient childcare option available.

We at World of Children day care work exclusively in the day care space to offer customised solutions to create Corporate Creche Alliances!! Day care allows families to raise kids and pursue careers and boosts Gender diversity and inclusion, besides being a mandatory compliance as per Maternity Benefit Act 2017 .
We customise solutions adhering to safety audits and promise reliable childcare at reasonable costs across companies.

We work on the following models:

Best Corporate Daycare Centers in Andheri
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 Tie-ups with our existing day care facilities at Vikhroli & Andheri


 Building an inhouse creche as per company needs


 Building an exclusive satellite Creche, we scout real estate and setup a creche for the corporate and run it exclusively for them. The company partners on funding the space and WOC becomes the creche managing partner


 Building a non-exclusive satellite Creche, we scout real estate and setup a creche for the corporate and run it with a majority capacity utilization for the primary company. The company partly funds the creche, the balance occupancy is open to retail admissions. The company partners on funding the space and WOC becomes the creche managing partner


 The corporate decides to reimburse fees partially or completely for the employees


Corporate daycare programs offer several benefits to employers. Firstly, they help attract and retain top talent by providing a family-friendly work environment. Employees who are parents highly value access to reliable and convenient childcare options, and offering onsite daycare can be a significant advantage in recruitment efforts. Secondly, corporate creche service can contribute to increased employee productivity. When employees have peace of mind, knowing that their children are well-cared for nearby, they can focus more on their work without distractions or concerns. This leads to improved concentration, efficiency, and overall job performance. Additionally, corporate creche can reduce absenteeism and turnover rates. With childcare conveniently available at the workplace, employees are less likely to take unplanned absences or leave the company due to childcare challenges. This translates into cost savings for employers by minimizing the need for hiring and training replacements. Overall, corporate daycare programs help employers create a more productive, engaged, and satisfied workforce.

We Make It Easy for Corporates to Partner with Us. How?

At World Of Children, we understand the importance of making it seamless for corporations to partner with us. We have designed our processes and services to simplify the collaboration and ensure a smooth experience. Here's how we make it easy for corporates to partner with us:

Streamlined Onboarding:
Our onboarding process is efficient and structured to minimize any administrative burden on the corporate. We handle the necessary paperwork, agreements, and compliance requirements swiftly, ensuring a hassle-free start to the partnership.

Customized Solutions:
We work closely with each corporate to understand their specific needs and tailor our corporate creche childcare and early learning program accordingly. Our team collaborates with the corporate to create a program that aligns with their goals, budget, and employee requirements.

Comprehensive Service Package:
We offer a complete package that includes not only qualified childcare providers and educators but also supervisors, insurance coverage, liability management, and all necessary program materials and resources. By providing all-inclusive services, we eliminate the need for the corporate to coordinate multiple vendors or manage different aspects of the program

Dedicated Support:
Our team is committed to providing dedicated support throughout the partnership. We have responsive account managers who act as a single point of contact for the corporate, addressing any queries, concerns, or requests promptly.

Seamless Operations:
We handle the day-to-day operations of the childcare program, allowing the corporate to focus on their core business activities. Our experienced staff ensures smooth program implementation, management, and compliance, relieving the corporate of administrative burdens.

Open Communication:
We value transparent and open communication with our corporate partners. We actively seek feedback, suggestions, and input to continuously improve our services and ensure that the partnership remains mutually beneficial.


Retaining working parents has become a top concern for employers across industries. The lack of support for managing childcare can lead employees to seek new job opportunities elsewhere. Even individuals who plan to start a family consider childcare benefits when searching for jobs. The struggle to balance work and family responsibilities is a major driver of employee turnover, resulting in significant costs for employers.

Corporate daycare centers present a valuable opportunity for businesses to address the challenges faced by working parents and enhance talent retention and recruitment efforts. By offering high-quality, employer-sponsored corporate creche service, companies can retain their most valuable employees, including leaders, and invest in the growth and potential of their workforce as a whole. These corporate daycare service demonstrate a commitment to supporting employees' work-life balance, making the company an attractive and desirable place to work for individuals with family responsibilities.

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